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Introducing Citizen Inquiry

Herodotou, Christothea; Sharples, Mike; Scanlon, Eileen;
Open Access
  • Published: 21 Sep 2017
  • Publisher: Routledge
The term ‘citizen inquiry’ was coined to describe ways that members of the public can learn by initiating or joining shared inquiry-led scientific investigations (Sharples et al., 2013). It merges learning through scientific investigation with mass collaborative participation exemplified in citizen science activities, altering the relationship most people have with research from being passive recipients to becoming actively engaged, and the relationship between scholarship and public understanding from dissemination towards cooperation. Through the presentation of empirical studies, this edited volume introduces concepts and practices of citizen inquiry.
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Part of book or chapter of book . 2017
Part of book or chapter of book . 2017
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publication . Part of book or chapter of book . 2017

Introducing Citizen Inquiry

Herodotou, Christothea; Sharples, Mike; Scanlon, Eileen;