UKIRT Widefield Infrared Survey for H2

Article English OPEN
Froebrich, Dirk ; Ioannidis, Georgios (2012)

We perform an unbiased search for outflows from YSOs along the Galactic Plane (GP). Our data has been taken as part of the UWISH2 survey (Froebrich et al. 2011). It uses as tracer the 1-0S(1) emission line of H2, and here we focus on a continuous 33 square degree sized region in Serpens and Aquila. We identify 130 outflows from which 94% are new discoveries. Thus, we increased the number of known MHOs by a factor of 15 in this area (Ioannidis & Froebrich 2012). The flux completeness limit for the flows is 3ċ10-18Wm-2. Typically, the known flows occupy the bright end of the flux distribution. Our survey thus increases the known integrated 1-0S(1) H2 flux from outflows only by a factor of two. We are able to assign possible driving sources to half of the outflows. Brighter MHOs are more likely to have a source candidate assigned to them.
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