Regional gray matter volume in the posterior precuneus is associated with general self-efficacy

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Sugiura, Ayaka ; Aoki, Ryuta ; Murayama, Kou ; Yomogida, Yoshihiko ; Haji, Tomoki ; Saito, Atsuko ; Hasegawa, Toshikazu ; Matsumoto, Kenji (2016)

Motivation in doing a task is influenced not only by the expected outcome of the task, but also by the belief that one has in successfully executing the task. Over time, individuals accumulate experiences that contribute to a general belief in one’s overall ability to successfully perform tasks, which is called general self-efficacy (GSE). We investigated the relationship between regional gray matter volume and individual differences in GSE. Brain anatomy was analyzed using magnetic resonance images obtained from 64 healthy right-handed participants who had completed Sherer’s GSE scale. After controlling for other factors related to motivation, age, sex, and total gray matter volume of each subject, results showed that regional gray matter volume in the posterior part of the precuneus significantly and positively correlated with GSE score. These results suggest that one’s accumulated experiences of success and failure, which contribute to GSE, also influence the anatomical characteristics of the precuneus.
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