Active-matrix GaN micro light-emitting diode display with unprecedented brightness

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Herrnsdorf, Johannes ; Mckendry, Jonathan J.D. ; Zhang, Shuailong ; Xie, Enyuan ; Ferreira, Ricardo ; Massoubre, David ; Zuhdi, Ahmad Mahmood ; Henderson, Robert K. ; Underwood, Ian ; Watson, Scott ; Kelly, Anthony E. ; Gu, Erdan ; Dawson, Martin D. (2015)

Displays based on microsized gallium nitride light-emitting diodes possess extraordinary brightness. It is demonstrated here both theoretically and experimentally that the layout of the n-contact in these devices is important for the best device performance. We highlight, in particular, the significance of a nonthermal increase of differential resistance upon multipixel operation. These findings underpin the realization of a blue microdisplay with a luminance of 10⁶ cd/m².
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