Entwicklung eines nationalen Allokationsplans im Rahmen des EU-Emissionshandels

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Diekmann, Jochen ; Kohlhaas, Michael ; Ziesing, Hans-Joachim ; Betz, Regina ; Bradke, Harald ; Köwener, Dirk ; Rogge, Karoline ; Schleich, Joachim ; Walz, Rainer ; Cames, Martin ; Matthes, Felix Christian (2007)
  • Publisher: Umweltbundesamt

The main objective of this project was to support the development of the National Allocation Plan for Germany for the first trading period 2005-07. For this purpose the allocation options had to be analysed and evaluated on the levels of the nation, the sectors, and the installations, considering the legal and political framework as well as the available data bases. In addition, the political process of negotiations in Germany and in Europe had to be accompanied scientifically.\ud \ud Emphasis was placed on the conceptual basics of the allocation planning, on issues of the\ud necessary data bases, the alternatives for the calculation of the macro plan, the general and\ud special allocation rules, and institutional questions. Furthermore, continuous work was required\ud to give support und advice to the Federal Government for the concrete development of\ud the allocation plan and to communicate with stakeholders, in particular with representatives of\ud the German industry.
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