A framework for a capability maturity model for purchasing: Construction and manufacturing engineering

Doctoral thesis English OPEN
Hassan, HA

Purchasing activities are defined as the essential activities associated with the\ud acquisition of the materials, services and equipment used in a business organisation.\ud They are significant functions because they help organisations to realise many\ud benefits such as cost reduction, improved material delivery, a shorter cycle time,\ud access to product and process technology and quality improvement. This can only be\ud achieved if an organisation performs its purchasing activities effectively and\ud efficiently.\ud There are four purchasing development frameworks, or models, that are helpful in\ud evaluating the purchasing activity in an organization. These are: Stannack, P. and\ud Jones, M. (1988) Model, Reck and Long, (1988) Model, Jones, D.M., (1999) Model\ud and Arjan V. (2000), Model. However, it was concluded that these models were nonoperational\ud and merely indicate the stage of development of the purchasing activity.\ud The shortfall of these approaches is that they have no "standard" development criteria\ud that organizations can follow to evaluate their purchasing activities. These models\ud also have a limited number of development measurement variables.\ud In an attempt to overcome these shortfalls and identify factors that affect purchasing\ud improvements, a purchasing development model was developed. The aim of this\ud research is to produce a new purchasing maturity model (PurchMM) based on a wide\ud variety of purchasing parameters that have been discovered during the literature\ud review. The Readiness PurchMM describes an evolutionary improvement path for\ud purchasing function from an ad hoc, immature process to a mature, well-organized\ud one. Five levels of maturity encompass this path. The Readiness PurchMM guides\ud purchasing functions that wants to gain control of their purchasing activities for\ud improving, developing the performance of the purchasing functions, maintaining
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