Acoustic comfort in large dining spaces

Article English OPEN
Chen, X. ; Kang, J. (2017)
  • Publisher: Elsevier
  • Subject: Science & Technology, Technology, Acoustics, Large dining space, Acoustic comfort, Background noise, Sound source, NOISE, RESTAURANTS, SOUNDSCAPE

© 2016 Elsevier Ltd This study carried out a questionnaire field investigation in two typical large dining spaces. The results suggest that the acoustic comfort of diners has an influence on the comfort evaluation of the overall dining environment, and background noise is an important factor affecting the acoustic comfort evaluation of diners. The role of various individual sound sources in background noise has been investigated, considering general background music, speech sound, activity sound, and mechanical noise, and it has been revealed that background music, other diners’ speech sound and tableware's impact sound has a dominant impact on the acoustic comfort evaluation of diners. Compared with the existence of background music in background noise, diners’ acoustic comfort evaluation is higher than that without background music. The loudness, articulation, noise level and preference degree of various individual sound sources are factors which affect diners’ acoustic comfort evaluation on sound sources. In terms of demographic and social factors, gender and the frequency of dining out have a significant impact on diners’ acoustic comfort evaluation.
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