Hors corps

Article English OPEN
Kivland, Sharon (2015)
  • Publisher: The London Society of the New Lacanian School

Under the poetry rubric of Psychoanalytical Notebooks, produced by the London Society of the New Lacanian School, the work, entitled Hors Corps (out/ouside body), takes part of the text of Marx's Capital, and subjects it to a subjective rewriting, in which the commodity speaks as a woman. It is accompanied by a photograph derived from a lingerie magazine of the 1950s, a woman cropped and cut, no more than a négligée and an enigmatic smile. The work is in the context of the journal's theme of sexual orientation, and responds to the way in which Lacanian psychoanalysis, every subject is treated as a subject within speech, and as speaking subjects, we must recognise there is something missing in the encounter with speech. Here, an object becomes a speaking subject, taking the place of a woman, and the work is intended, finally, to be spoken.
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