'Reading. Some positions' \ud The Book is Live

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Kivland, Sharon
  • Publisher: Research Group for Artists Publications (RGAP) / bookRoom

This title is a survey of current thinking and innovative practice in contemporary publishing, which was presented at BOOKLIVE! International symposium in London in June 2012.\ud \ud This two day event brought together some of the key theorists, researchers and practitioners in the field to examine the current ‘transforming’ of the book and its ability to keep up with digital culture and the emergence of new modes of writing, photographing, reading, collecting and disseminating ‘on the page’ work.\ud \ud The Book is Alive! is a collaboration between the Centre for Media and Cultural Research (CMCR) at LSBU and bookRoom Research Cluster at UCA Farnham.\ud \ud The publication is published by RGAP, edited by Emmanuelle Waeckerle and Richard Sawdon Smith\ud \ud Authors Richard Sawdon Smith, Andrej Blatnik, Sarah Bodman, Marco Bohr, Chris Burnett, Daniela Cascella, Amanda Couch, Arnaud Desjardin, Joan Fontcuberta, Matt Hulse & Barnaby Dicker, Annabel Frearson, Sharon Helgason Gallagher, Peter Jaeger, Paul Jeff & Laura Jenkins, Susan Johanknecht & Katharine Meynell, Marcus Kaiser, Sharon Kivland & Nick Thurston, Didier Mathieu, Romi Mikulinsky, Christoph Nicolas, Paula Roush & Maria Lusitano, Mark Sanderson, Sylvia Alexandra Schimag, Andreas Schmidt, David W. Speck, Seekers of Lice, Paul Soulellis, Stefan Szczelkun, Rahel Zoller
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