Non-ignorable missing covariate data in parametric survival analysis

Doctoral thesis English OPEN
Boyd, Katherine
  • Subject: QA

Within\ud any epidemiological study missing\ud data is\ud almost inevitable.\ud This\ud missing\ud data is often ignored; however,\ud unless we can assume quite\ud restrictive mechanisms, this will\ud lead to biased estimates. Our\ud motivation\ud are data collected to study the long-term\ud effect of severity of disability\ud upon\ud survival in children with cerebral palsy (henceforth CP). The analysis of\ud such an old\ud data set brings to light\ud statistical difficulties. The main issue in\ud this data is the amount of missing covariate data. We raise concerns about\ud the mechanism causing data to be missing.\ud We present a flexible\ud class of joint models for the survival times and the\ud missing\ud data mechanism which allows us to vary the mechanism causing\ud the missing\ud data. Simulation studies prove this model to be both\ud precise\ud and reliable in estimating survival with missing data. We show that long\ud term survival in the moderately\ud disabled is high and, therefore, a large\ud proportion will\ud be\ud surviving to times when they require care specifically\ud for\ud elderly CP sufferers.\ud In\ud particular, our models suggest that survival\ud from diagnosis is considerably higher than has been previously estimated\ud from this data.\ud This thesis contributes to the discussion of possible methods for dealing\ud with\ud NMAR data.\ud
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