Drug/Water interactions in hydrogel matrices

Doctoral thesis English OPEN
Atherton, Nigel D.

The primary aim of this research has been the investigation of the role of water structuring effects in the widely different extents of irritancy displayed by certain antibiotics. The compounds involved were members of the Lincomycin group of antibiotics. The aqueous solution behaviour of these co~pounds was studied using techniques such as vapour pressure osmometry end differential scanning calorimetry (D.S.C.). The effects of the antibiotics on water structure in hydrogel membrane preparations In which the equilibrium water content (E.W.C.) and constituent amounts of freezing and non-freezing water ware varied were also investigated using D.S.C. The permeability of water swollen hydrogel preparations to aqueous antibiotic solutions as well as other solutes were studied. A series of hydrogel preparations into which the antibiotics had been incorporated during polymerisation were developed and used in studies of the effects of the antibiotics end their water structure modifications on the permeation of a range of solutes.
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