Creation of Educational 3D visualisations of a cultural world Heritage Site: Saltaire Case Study

Doctoral thesis English OPEN
Pande, Preeti
  • Subject: N1 | NX

A world heritage site consists of cultural, archaeological and historic site which includes\ud monuments, buildings, lake, forest and geographical structures as well as cities which have significance importance. UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural\ud Organisation) believes that many Cultural and historic sites provide immeasurable benefits to\ud mankind as they can be used to contribute the growth in tourism and raise the local culture hence it should be protected and maintained at all costs. This research describes a study, which aims to generate and visualize the creation of 3D Saltaire World Heritage Site involving models of historical building and surrounding place.\ud \ud \ud The study will explain the 3D Digital presentation of Saltaire structure and models of salt Mill, Saltaire church and village including environment.\ud \ud \ud This research describes contextual collaboration between history of Saltaire World Heritage Site and presenting it in Digital Design. The descriptive goal of this research is to identify and document the critical condition for the past of 19th century and present environment at saltaire.
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