La santé buccodentaire en Ehpad : état des lieux et suivi des recommandations de soins (Oral and dental health in nursing home: Inventory and compliance with care\ud recommendations)

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Mangeney, K. ; Barthélémy, H. ; Vogel, T. ; Rappin, B. ; Sokolakis, S. ; Lang, Pierre O. (2016)

The oral health of elderly adults is still a major public health challenge. Seventyfive\ud percent of the population aged 65 years or over has dental health that interferes with\ud normal eating. A dental and oral evaluation by a dentist was offered to the 98 residents of\ud one nursing home. A complete report on the dental care required was subsequently sent to\ud the resident and his/her family or the legal representative where appropriate. Twelve months\ud later, compliance with the recommendation was assessed. Of the 98 residents, 50 agreed to\ud participate, among whom 96% had significant needs in terms of oral health. Twenty-eight residents\ud needed dentures, 25 at least one tooth extraction, 8 required tartar removal, and for\ud 2, an immediate referral to a specialist was advised. At 12 months, only 25 of the residents\ud assessed had undergone the recommended care. The main factors having motivated the noncompliance\ud with the recommendations were the accessibility of the dental office for people\ud with impaired mobility, severe psychobehavioural disorders, and refusal to initiate the dental\ud care from non-family legal representatives. The question of the cost was only secondarily\ud reported. This study confirms the considerable needs for dental care among nursing home residents.\ud It also raises the question of the need for referent health care workers in oral and dental\ud health, as well as the development of dental offices adapted to elderly individuals with impaired\ud mobility.
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