Determination of Priorities for Footway Reconstruction

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Leake, G.R. ; May, A.D. ; Parry, T. (1990)
  • Publisher: Institute of Transport Studies, University of Leeds

This report describes a study conducted for Sheffield City\ud Council to obtain pedestriansr reactions to the quality and\ud acceptability of footways of different construction in\ud different conditions, and to assess pedestriansr preferences\ud for different types of footway construction. The results are\ud intended to aid the Council in identifying priorities for the\ud maintenance of existing footways, and preferred surfaces for\ud new or reconstructed footways. The study involved four\ud stages; a new survey to identify footway characteristics of\ud concern to pedestrians; interviews and objective measurements\ud at a total of 13 sites; interviews at a set of eight purpose\ud built trial sites; and analysis and interpretation of the\ud results.
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