Draft Genome Sequence of the Oxytetracycline-Producing Bacterium Streptomyces rimosus ATCC 10970

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Pethick, Florence E. ; MacFadyen, Alison C. ; Tang, Zhenyu ; Sangal, Vartul ; Liu, Tze-Tze ; Chu, Ju ; Kosec, Gregor ; Petkovic, Hrvoje ; Guo, Meijin ; Kirby, Ralph ; Hoskisson, Paul A. ; Herron, Paul R. ; Hunter, Iain S. (2013)
  • Publisher: American Society for Microbiology
  • Journal: Genome Announcements, volume 1, issue 2 (eissn: 2169-8287)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1128/genomeA.00063-13, pmc: PMC3593331
  • Subject: Prokaryotes | oksitetraciklin | 579.25:579.873.7:577.21 [udc] | genom | Streptomyces rimosus | nukleotidno zaporedje | molekularna genetika | C500 | antibiotiki

We acknowledge financial support from the National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan, for the sequencing project (R.K.), a British Council for Research Projects Network grant (P.A.H. and H.P.), and the British Council/CUC for a Scotland-China Higher Education Research Partnership for PhD Studies (Z.T.).
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