Universality of electron accumulation at wurtzite c- and a-plane and zinc-blende InN surfaces

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King, Philip David ; Veal, T. D. ; McConville, C. F. ; Fuchs, Frank ; Furthmüller, Jürgen ; Bechstedt, Friedhelm ; Schley, P. ; Goldhahn, R. ; Schörmann, J. ; As, D. J. ; Lischka, K. ; Muto, D. ; Naoi, H. ; Nanishi, Y. ; Lu, H. ; Schaff, William Joseph (2007)

Electron accumulation is found to occur at the surface of wurtzite (112¯0), (0001), and (0001¯) and zinc-blende (001) InN using x-ray photoemission spectroscopy. The accumulation is shown to be a universal feature of InN surfaces. This is due to the low Г-point conduction band minimum lying\ud significantly below the charge neutrality level.
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