«Ridges on the floors of Hell»: traces ou palimpsestes dans le désert de The dead heart

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Pratt, M ; Rolls, AC ; Vuaille-Barcan, M-L (2015)

The Dead Heart is American author Douglas Kennedy’s first novel. It was first translated into French in 1997 as Cul-de-sac . It was this translation that made Kennedy a household name in France and that gave The Dead Heart its identity as a roman noir. In the space of just 20 years the novel has been translated twice into French and adapted twice more, as a film and now as a graphic novel. Elsewhere, we have analyzed this trajectory from the perspective of retranslation and the ostensible differences between the two translation Skopoi, and the use of paratextual branding to target specific reading publics. Focusing on the graphic novel allows us here to go beyond the problematics of translation and to broaden the scope of our study of textual adaptation. It also allows us to reassess the originality of the source text.
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