Report submitted to ScotMid Co-operative Society ‘Recall, understanding and responses to the ‘Sensible Drinking message’ among supermarket shoppers in Scotland’.

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Gill, Jan ; O'May, Fiona ; Donaghy, Marie
  • Publisher: Queen Margaret University College

This study was conducted with the following general aims;\ud • To investigate the feasibility of carrying out a questionnaire-based study dealing with issues relating to alcohol drinking within the supermarket setting.\ud • To document awareness and recall of the UK ‘Sensible Drinking’ message among shoppers.\ud • To investigate the perceived usefulness of the message and the ability to apply knowledge to personal drinking.\ud • To monitor awareness of, and response to, the initiative by the Co-operative Society to promote the ‘Sensible Drinking’ message on wine labels. \ud • To distribute and monitor reaction to ‘Sensible Drinking ‘guidance literature.
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