The Potential of Blogs for Higher Degree Supervision.

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Bigger, Stephen (2009)
  • Publisher: University of Worcester
  • Subject: LB2300
    acm: ComputingMilieux_COMPUTERSANDEDUCATION

This article discusses the potential of the use of blog technology in supporting research students at the university, and encourages its wider use. Individual blogs open only to student and supervisors can focus and structure dialogue and discussion, helping students to develop their argument and ‘voice’. The general blog “Learn, Live, Thrive” models the development of a reflexive research diary so that students can develop their\ud own. It also encourages students to begin the process of theorization by sharing reading and ideas, and modelling theory. By being open and available to all students, general\ud blogs add to the breadth, depth, effectiveness and efficiency of the supervision process, informing tutorials on the student’s particular topic.
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