Principles of Robotics: Regulating Robots in the Real World

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Boden, Margaret ; Bryson, Joanna ; Caldwell, Darwin ; Dautenhahn, Kerstin ; Edwards, Lilian ; Kember, Sarah ; Newman, Paul ; Parry, Vivienne ; Pegman, Geoff ; Rodden, Tom ; Sorrell, Tom ; Wallis, Mick ; Whitby, Blay ; Winfield, Alan (2017)

This paper proposes a set of five ethical principles, together with seven high-level messages, as a basis for responsible robotics. The Principles of Robotics were drafted in 2010 and published online in 2011 (Boden et al., 2011). Since then the principles have influenced, and continue to influence, a number of initiatives in robot ethics but have not, to date, been formally published. This paper remedies that omission.
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