A framework for adaptive personalised e-advertisements

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Al Qudah, Dana
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The art of personalised e-advertising relies on attracting the user‟s attention to the recommended product, as it relates to their taste, interest and data. Whilst in practice, companies attempt various forms of personalisation; research of personalised e-advertising is rare, and seldom routed on solid theory. Adaptive hypermedia (AH) techniques have contributed to the development of personalised tools for adaptive content delivery, mostly in the educational domain. This study explores the use of these theories and techniques in a specific field – adaptive e-advertisements. This is accomplished firstly by structuring a theoretical framework that roots adaptive hypermedia into the domain of e-advertising and then uses this theoretical framework as the base for implementing and evaluating an adaptive e-advertisement system called “MyAds”. The novelty of this approach relies on a systematic design and evaluation based on adaptive hypermedia taxonomy. In particular, this thesis uses a user centric methodology to design and evaluate the proposed approach. It also reports on evaluations that investigated users‟ opinions on the appropriate design of MyAds. Another set of evaluations reported on users‟ perceptions of the implemented system, allowing for a reflection on the users‟ acceptance level of e-advertising. The results from both implicit and explicit feedback indicated that users found the MyAds system acceptable and agreed that the implemented user modelling and AH features within the system contributed to achieving acceptance, within their e-advertisement experience due to the different personalisation methods.\ud \ud
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