An exploratory study to investigate if people who were influenced by guru products exhibited a particular communicative behaviour

Doctoral thesis English OPEN
Gatiss, GF
  • Subject: HF5001 | H1 | other

This was an exploratory applied study in which an instrument was developed\ud based on Myers-Briggs (1985); Belbin (1891); Rogers (1983); Spence (1995),\ud and Grunig (1997), for the purpose to investigate communicative behaviour of\ud management guru product adopters. The research developed a predictive\ud instrument of limited application, and brought together many writers theories on\ud adopters of new ideas in a creative and diagrammatipal way. The study showed\ud that there were communicative behavioural traits exhibited within the participating\ud group, represented by intuition and attitude. The instrument used, whilst\ud recognisably limited, may be applied to situations of selection, training and\ud development. This has implications for the management of organisational\ud learning.
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