Implementing flexible operators for regular path queries

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Selmer, Petra ; Poulovassilis, Alexandra ; Wood, Peter T. (2015)
  • Publisher: CEUR Workshop Proceedings
  • Subject: csis

Given the heterogeneity of complex graph data on the web, such as RDF linked data,a user wishing to query such data may lack full knowledge of its structure and irregularities.\ud Hence, providing users with flexible querying capabilities can be beneficial. The query language we adopt comprises\ud conjunctions of regular path queries, thus including extensions proposed for SPARQL 1.1 to allow for querying paths using regular expressions. To this language we add two operators: APPROX, supporting standard notions of\ud approximation based on edit distance, and RELAX, which performs query relaxation based on RDFS inference rules.\ud We describe our techniques for implementing the extended language and present a performance study undertaken on two real-world data sets. Our baseline implementation performs competitively with other automaton-based approaches, and we demonstrate empirically how various optimisations can decrease execution times of queries containing APPROX and RELAX, sometimes by orders of magnitude.
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