Design and development of a low-cost, electricity-generating cooking Score-Stove™

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Chen, B. ; Riley, P. H. ; Abakr, Y. A. ; Pullen, K. R. ; Hann, D. B. ; Johnson, C. (2013)

SCORE ( a US$4M, 5 year international collaboration research project aims to improve the life quality of the 1.5 billion people worldwide who cook on an open fire and do not have access to electricity. SCORE market evaluations1 indicate that at the upper-cost target of $120 with 20 Watts of electricity 60 million people would afford the stove. At the lower-cost target of $40 and 100 Watts it would be affordable to over 1 billion people. In November 2010, a wood burning Score-Stove™ prototype successfully developed 23 watts of electricity based on a planar Thermo-Acoustic Engine (TAE) [2],[3],[4],[5],[6] design, indicating that the new Score-Stove™ is now ready to be engaged with manufacturers to gear up for volume production, and therefore to meet the social and cooking requirements of the rural poor people. The development to a large-volume, easy to manufacture, low-cost TAE cooking stove using elements of the formal design methodologies of BS 7000 and TRIZ are discussed. By breaking down the system requirements into cost targets for each module, performing rig testing, and design refinements it is believed that the upper-cost target is achievable with the right level of investment.
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