Identification of a spatio-temporal model of crystal growth\ud based on boundary curvature

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Zhao, Y. ; Billings, S.A. ; Coca, D. ; Ristic, R. ; Matos, L. (2007)
  • Publisher: Automatic Control and Systems Engineering, University of Sheffield

A new method of identifying the spatio-temporal transition rule of crystal growth is introduced based on the connection between growth kinetics and dentritic\ud morphology. Using a modified three-point-method, curvatures of the considered crystal branch are calculated and curvature direction is used to measure growth\ud velocity. A polynomial model is then produced based on a curvature-velocity relationship to represent the spatio-temporal growth process. A very simple simulation\ud example is used initially to clearly explain the methodology. The results of identifying a model from a real crystal growth experiment show that the proposed\ud method can produce a good representation of crystal growth.
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