Miniaturized optoelectronic tweezers controlled by GaN micro-pixel light emitting diode arrays

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Zarowna-Dabrowska, A. ; Neale, S.L. ; Massoubre, D. ; McKendry, J. ; Rae, B.R. ; Henderson, R.K. ; Rose, M.J. ; Yin, H. ; Cooper, J.M. ; Gu, E. ; Dawson, M.D. (2011)

A novel, miniaturized optoelectronic tweezers (OET) system has been developed using a CMOS-controlled GaN micro-pixelated light emitting diode (LED) array as an integrated micro-light source. The micro-LED array offers spatio-temporal and intensity control of the emission pattern, enabling the creation of reconfigurable virtual electrodes to achieve OET. In order to analyse the mechanism responsible for particle manipulation in this OET system, the average particle velocity, electrical field and forces applied to the particles were characterized and simulated. The capability of this miniaturized OET system for manipulating and trapping multiple particles including polystyrene beads and live cells has been successfully demonstrated.
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