A further manuscript source for Proclus' Hymns

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Thomas, Oliver (2017)

Bruxellensis 11377-80 ff. 1-4 contains a previously uncatalogued text of Proclus Hymns 3.12-7.52 and Orphic fr. 31 Bernabé, copied by Demetrios Moschos in c.1490 from Mutinensis Est. gr. 164.
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    1) ff. 1-4 in fact contain Proclus' Hymns 3.12-7.52, together with Orphic fr. 31 Bernabé = 21a Kern; there are 22 lines per page. This source is absent from Vogt's edition even though ff. 92v-95r, which contains a further text of Proclus' Hymns, are included as ms. 5.2 I identified the scribe as Demetrios Moschos by his handwriting.3 The watermark is a crossbow within a circle; the chain-lines pass just outside the circle, * My thanks to the University of Nottingham for funding, and to the staff of the KBR, BNF and Biblioteca Estense for assistance. 1 See H. Omont, 'Catalogue des manuscrits grecs de la Bibliothèque Royale de Bruxelles', Revue de l'instruction publique en Belgique 28 (1885), 6-21, 82-9, at 88 for Pantin's catalogue, 89 for Schott's, and 7 for Omont's own description. Pinakes: http://pinakes.irht.cnrs.fr/ (accessed 28 June 2015). 2 E. Vogt, Procli hymni (Wiesbaden, 1957). 3 E. Gamillscheg and D. Harlfinger, Repertorium der griechischen Kopisten (Vienna, 1981-), I no. 97 = II 131 = III 165. I thank Rudolf Stefec for confirming my identification, and for alerting me to his own supplement to the list of manuscripts of Proclus' Hymns (Beinecke 532: 'Aus der literarischen Werkstatt des Michael Apostoles', Jahrbuch der Österreichischen Byzantinistik 60 (2010), 29-48, at 30). 17 G. Speake and F. Vian, 'The So-Called D-Manuscripts of Apollonius', GRBS 14 (1973), 301-18, at 309; Formentin (n. 4), 238.

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