Tools and techniques for solvent selection: green solvent selection guides

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Byrne, Fergal Patrick ; Jin, Saimeng ; Paggiola, Giulia ; Petchey, Tabitha Holly Marguerite ; Clark, James Hanley ; Farmer, Thomas James ; Hunt, Andrew John ; McElroy, Con Robert ; Sherwood, James Richard (2016)

Driven by legislation and evolving attitudes towards environmental issues, establishing green solvents for extractions, separations, formulations and reaction chemistry has become an increasingly important area of research. Several general purpose solvent selection guides have now been published with the aim to reduce use of the most hazardous solvents. This review serves the purpose of explaining the role of these guides, highlighting their similarities and differences. How they can be used most effectively to enhance the greenness of chemical processes, particularly in laboratory organic synthesis and the pharmaceutical industry, is addressed in detail.
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