The UK Life in Recovery Survey 2015 : the first national UK survey of addiction recovery experiences

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Best, David ; Albertson, Katherine ; Irving, James ; Lightowlers, Carly ; Mama-Rudd, Adam ; Chaggar, Alex
  • Publisher: Helena Kennedy Centre for International Justice, Sheffield Hallam University

This report contains some of the first insights into how recovery has transformed the lives of many people in the UK. It is hoped that documenting the pathways to recovery and the benefits that recovery can infer on individuals, families and communities contained in this report can be used to inform policy makers about what promotes and enables recovery, and the pathways and timings of key recovery milestones. \ud \ud The key messages from the UK Life in Recovery survey 2015 are that recovery is attainable, is sustainable and is beneficial to a range of individuals and groups. Finally, that advancing our knowledge of recovery will reduce the stigma and discrimination that many in active addiction and recovery experience.
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