Highly photosensitive polymethyl methacrylate microstructured polymer optical fiber with doped core

Article English OPEN
Sáez Rodríguez, D. ; Nielsen, K. ; Rasmussen, H.K. ; Bang, O. ; Webb, D.J. (2013)

<p>In this Letter, we report the fabrication of a highly photosensitive, microstructured polymer optical fiber using benzyl dimethyl ketal as a dopant, as well as the inscription of a fiber Bragg grating in the fiber. A refractive index change in the core of at least 3.2×10<sup>−4</sup> has been achieved, providing a grating with a strong transmission rejection of −23  dB with an inscription time of only 13 min. The fabrication method has a big advantage compared to doping step index fiber since it enables doping of the fiber without using extra dopants to compensate for the index reduction in the core introduced by the photosensitive agent.</p>