Optical sensor interrogation with a blazed fiber Bragg grating and a charge-coupled device linear array

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Simpson, Alexander G. ; Zhou, Kaiming ; Zhang, Lin ; Everall, Lorna ; Bennion, Ian (2004)
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    arxiv: Physics::Optics

We present what is to our knowledge the first comprehensive investigation of the use of blazed fiber Bragg gratings (BFBGs) to interrogate wavelength division multiplexed (WDM) in-fiber optical sensor arrays. We show that the light outcoupled from the core of these BFBGs is radiated with sufficient optical power that it may be detected with a low-cost charge-coupled device (CCD) array. We present thorough system performance analysis that shows sufficient spectral-spatial resolution to decode sensors with a WDM separation of 75 ρm, signal-to-noise ratio greater than 45-dB bandwidth of 70 nm, and drift of only 0.1 ρm. We show the system to be polarization-state insensitive, making the BFBG-CCD spectral analysis technique a practical, extremely low-cost, alternative to traditional tunable filter approaches.
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