Remote Ischemic Preconditioning and Outcomes of Cardiac Surgery.

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Hausenloy, DJ; Candilio, L; Evans, R; Ariti, C; Jenkins, DP; Kolvekar, S; Knight, R; Kunst, G; Laing, C; Nicholas, J; Pepper, J; Robertson, S; Xenou, M; Clayton, T; Yellon, DM; ERICCA Trial Investigators,; , COLLABORATORS; Goss, A; Desouza, A; Relvas, C; Morgan, H; Saunders, I; Donovan, J; Booth, J; Shah, M; Yates, M; Chawla, N; Stanger, O; Savory, R; Trimlett, R; ... view all 409 authors

: Whether remote ischemic preconditioning (transient ischemia and reperfusion of the arm) can improve clinical outcomes in patients undergoing coronary-artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery is not known. We investigated this question in a randomized trial.<br/> : We conduc... View more
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