Spatial Distribution of Nucleosynthesis Products in Cassiopeia A: Comparison Between Observations and 3D Explosion Models

Unknown, Preprint English OPEN
Young, Patrick ; Ellinger, Carola I. ; Timmes, Francis X. ; Arnett, David ; Fryer, Christopher L. ; Rockefeller, Gabriel ; Hungerford, Aimee ; Diehl, Steven ; Bennett, Michael ; Hirschi, Raphael ; Pignatari, Marco ; Herwig, Falk ; Magkotsios, Georgios (2008)
  • Subject: QB | QC | Astrophysics

We examine observed heavy element abundances in the Cassiopeia A supernova remnant as a constraint on the nature of the Cas A supernova. We compare bulk abundances from 1D and 3D explosion models and spatial distribution of elements in 3D models with those derived from X-ray observations. We also examine the cospatial production of 26Al with other species. We find that the most reliable indicator of the presence of 26Al in unmixed ejecta is a very low S/Si ratio (~0.05). Production of N in O/S/Si-rich regions is also indicative. The biologically important element P is produced at its highest abundance in the same regions. Proxies should be detectable in supernova ejecta with high spatial resolution multiwavelength observations.
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