PEST: A Knowledge Based System for Product Promotions

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Curtis, Tony (1994)
  • Publisher: University of Kent, Computing Laboratory
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In this paper we address the issues involved in developing a knowledge based system (KBS) [Jac90], [Fro86] for constructing promotions of various kinds of produce within supermarkets [R.J89]. We are currently working with a large retail company which supplies both expertise and sample data. Specifically, the system under development is to be used to determine the promotional layout and `worth'' of promotions within the fresh produce section, i.e. vegetables, salads and fruit. `Worth'' translates into a measure of how good the promotion is perceived to be, taking into account direct financial gain as well as more general factors, such as making more customers visit the store. The system is intended to be used by produce buyers as an aid to constructing effective promotions, but will also have users in Higher Education and as a training tool for managers and buyers in retailing.
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