No second night out : Salford and gate buddies : an evaluation for riverside ECHG

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Butler, D ; Shannon, MB ; Brown, P
  • Publisher: University of Salford
  • Subject: health_and_wellbeing

No Second Night Out in Greater Manchester (NSNO GM) was established in 2012 as part of a nationwide response to the Coalition Government's Strategy to end rough sleeping. NSNO GM works to prevent rough sleeping by targeting support at people who are new to rough sleeping as well as offering continued support for entrenched rough sleepers. This service was set up in January 2014 and provides a range of support to homeless individuals across the city of Salford. This report provides an evaluation of this scheme. In addition, this evaluation also considers an associated service: the Gate Buddies (GB) initiative. The evaluation was undertaken by reviewing the following data sources: existing secondary data relating to NSNO GM, the SASH project and GB; interviews with eight key stakeholders; interviews with five NSNOS (No Second Night Out Salford) representatives; interviews with four GB representatives; and interviews with ten service users. The fieldwork was completed between November 2014 and January 2015.
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