Effect of diagenetic recrystallization on the strength of planktonic foraminifer tests under compression

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Pearson, Paul Nicholas ; Evans, Samuel Lewin ; Evans, James (2015)

We present the results of experiments to measure the brittle failure of fossil planktonic foraminifer\ud tests under compression. We compare two upper Eocene species of contrasting morphology, Cribrohantkenina\ud inflata (Howe, 1928) and Turborotalia cerroazulensis (Cole, 1928) in both well-preserved\ud material from the Kilwa Group of Tanzania and recrystallized material from ODP Site 865, central Pacific\ud Ocean. Well-preserved tests were several times stronger than recrystallized tests. Turborotalia cerroazulensis\ud was stronger than C. inflata in both the well-preserved and recrystallized material.
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