A GaAs-based self-aligned stripe distributed feedback laser

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Lei, H. ; Stevens, B.J. ; Fry, P.W. ; Babazadeh, N. ; Ternent, G. ; Childs, D. ; Groom, K.M. (2016)

We demonstrate operation of a GaAs-based self-aligned stripe (SAS) distributed feedback (DFB) laser. In this structure, a first order GaInP/GaAs index-coupled DFB grating is built within the p-doped AlGaAs layer between the active region and the n-doped GaInP opto-electronic confinement layer of a SAS laser structure. In this process no Al-containing layers are exposed to atmosphere prior to overgrowth. The use of AlGaAs cladding affords the luxury of full flexibility in upper cladding design, which proved necessary due to limitations imposed by the grating infill and overgrowth with the GaInP current block layer. Resultant devices exhibit single-mode lasing with high side-mode-suppression of >40 dB over the temperature range 20 °C–70 °C. The experimentally determined optical profile and grating confinement correlate well with those simulated using Fimmwave.
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