Identifying the barriers affecting quality in maintenance within Libyan manufacturing organisations (public sector)

Doctoral thesis English OPEN
Mohamed, OA
  • Subject: K3921 | TS155194 | DT | mem_text_and_place | other

This research is concerned with understanding a quality management system and its\ud interaction with maintenance management activities within the organisation. The\ud interaction between maintenance and quality, can lead to their integration with\ud production. The second output of production is maintenance, whose output is increased\ud production capacity. Both the production process and the quality of the maintenance\ud work, which, in turn, affects equipment condition, affect the quality of final product.\ud The thesis aims to identify the barriers and difficulties affecting quality in maintenance,\ud within Libyan (public sector) manufacturing organisations. The specific objectives are\ud derived to provide focus for the research activities, in order to fulfil the specific aim of\ud the research in a structured and scientific manner.\ud In order to achieve the thesis objectives, an empirically-based systems analysis of two\ud case study organisations in the Libyan public manufacturing sector was carried out.\ud Substantial field work was carried out using predominantly a qualitative approach.\ud Qualitative data was collected by semi structured interview (from different levels of\ud management and supervisors) to explore the quality management phenomena, and to\ud provide a more holistic understanding through triangulation techniques of required and\ud suitable data.\ud This study has contributed to existing knowledge through getting an in-depth\ud understanding of quality and maintenance issues. A specific definition of "quality in\ud maintenance" was developed, common barriers of quality systems and the key factors of\ud improving maintenance were summarised. Furthermore, by using the framework in\ud figure 2.8 the enablers and inhibitors of quality in maintenance were demonstrated.\ud This study is the first one that identified the unique barriers affecting quality in\ud maintenance within the Libyan manufacturing organisations. These barriers are divided\ud into three main kinds: the technical, economic barriers, managerial, organisational\ud barriers, and cultural environmental barriers. The key findings of the research indicate\ud that the case study organisations do not actively promote quality in the maintenance\ud area that takes into consideration the influence of organisational, social, economic and\ud political factors (change culture) on the quality of operations and performance inside the\ud organisations.
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