Urban Land Reform Briefing Paper No 1: Explaining Compulsory Sale Orders

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Adams, David (2015)
  • Publisher: Policy Scotland, University of Glasgow

This is one of six briefing papers prepared by Professor David Adams of the University of Glasgow to\ud help explain key proposals for urban land reform made in 2014 by the Scottish Government’s Land\ud Reform Review Group (LRRG) to whom he acted as an independent adviser. This paper focuses on the\ud LRRG’s recommendations “that further mechanisms are required to address the persistent challenge of\ud vacant and derelict land in urban areas” and “that Local Authorities should have the right to exercise a\ud Compulsory Sale Order over an area of vacant or derelict land, and also that Community Councils, or\ud appropriate community bodies, should have the right to request that a local authority exercises a\ud Compulsory Sale Order” (see pages 103 and 122-124 of the LRRG report).
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