Shrink wrapping redox-active crystals of polyoxometalate open frameworks with organic polymers via crystal induced polymerisation

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Takashima, Yohei ; Miras, Haralampos N. ; Glatzel, Stefan ; Cronin, Lee (2016)

We report examples of crystal surface modification of polyoxometalate open frameworks whereby the use of pyrrole or aniline as monomers leads to the formation of the corresponding polymers via an oxidative polymerization process initiated by the redox active POM scaffolds. Guest-exchange experiments demonstrate that the polymers can finely tune the guest exchange rate and their structural integrity is retained after the surface modifications. In addition, the formation of polyoxometalate-based self-fabricating tubes by the dissolution of Keggin-based network crystals were also modulated by the polymers, allowing a new type of hybrid inorganic polymer with an organic coating to be fabricated.
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