Imaging through Altantic Margin basalts: An introduction to the sub-basalt mini-set (p 1-4)

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Christie, P. A. F. ; White, R. S.

The 2005 EAGE annual conference in Madrid featured a novel\ud session, convened and chaired by the authors of this introduction, dedicated to sub-basalt imaging. Novelty lay in the structure of the session: three oral talks, three parallel posters delivered in the same room spanning the coffee break; three more oral talks and a moderated discussion at the end. The session captured the flavour of a genuine workshop with good discussion from the floor and an audience that was ready to chat around the posters with their cups of coffee. The co-chairs were encouraged to capture as many of the papers as possible for a mini-thematic set and while fewer papers than had been hoped have ended up in the set, this introduction sets the context for the following three papers, acknowledges the contributions of all the presenters in the session with a summary of their key results and selectively comments on recent\ud developments in the topic.
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