Robot Inverse Dynamics Computation Via VLSI Distributed Architects

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Zomaya, A.Y. ; Morris, A.S. (1989)
  • Publisher: Dept of Automatic Control and System Engineering. University of Sheffield

The computation of the highly coupled dynamic equations has always posed a bottleneck in real-time dynamic control of robot manipulators. Recent advances in VLSI technology make it possible to implement new algorithms that complete these equations and meet real-time constraints. Parallel processing techniques can now be used to reduce the computation time for models of a highly mathematical nature such as the dynamical modelling of robot manipulators. In this work a semi-customised symbolic form of the Lagrange-Euler is divided into subtasks and distributed on a parallel processing system. The development system used consists of an INMOS TRANSPUTER (a VLSI single chip computer) running the OCCAM concurrent programming language. Further, this network is used to introduce parallelism by using different task allocation strategies which flow naturally from the Lagrange-Euler formulation.
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