The analysis of H/V curve from different ellipticity retrieval technique for a single 3c-station recording

Other literature type English OPEN
Ullah, Irfan ; Prado, Renato Luiz (2016)

In the last two decades or so the H/V (Horizontal-to-Vertical Spectral Ratio) technique remained very popular, and are extensively used for the site fundamental frequency estimation. H/V curve are also used with dispersion curve to jointly invert and retrieved the shear wave velocity of relatively deep soil deposit. Although a full theoretical explanation of H/V technique is not been presented yet, There are two main assumptions used generally that H/V curves can be explained by considering Rayleigh wave of noise wavefield only while the other newly presented approach utilized the whole noise wavefield known as diffuse field approach (DFA), However in case of Rayleigh wave approach for H/V, it is almost impossible to the remove the fraction of Love wave to the horizontal component of H/V. Here in this study, we aim to test different approaches adopted for the removal of Love wave fraction from the horizontal component for a borehole test site at the University of Sao Paulo. The result from different approaches is compared with borehole ellipticity curve. The result shows that around the fundamental frequency of curve obtained in either way(DFA or ellipticity approach) is dominated by Rayleigh waves.
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