A high-resolution synthetic bed elevation grid of the Antarctic continent

Other literature type English OPEN
Graham, Felicity S. ; Roberts, Jason L. ; Galton-Fenzi, Ben K. ; Young, Duncan ; Blankenship, Donald ; Siegert, Martin J. (2016)

Digital elevation models of Antarctic bed topography are heavily smoothed and interpolated onto low-resolution (>&thinsp;1&thinsp;km) grids as our current observed topography data are generally sparsely and unevenly sampled. This issue has potential implications for numerical simulations of ice-sheet dynamics, especially in regions prone to instability where detailed knowledge of the topography, including fine-scale roughness, is required. Here, we present a high-resolution (100&thinsp;m) synthetic bed elevation terrain for the whole Antarctic continent. The synthetic bed surface preserves topographic roughness characteristics of airborne and ground-based ice-penetrating radar data from the Bedmap1 compilation and the ICECAP consortium. Broad-scale features of the Antarctic landscape are incorporated using a low-pass filter of the Bedmap2 bed-elevation data. Although not intended as a substitute for Bedmap2, the simulated bed elevation terrain has applicability in high-resolution ice-sheet modelling studies, including investigations of the interaction between topography, ice-sheet dynamics, and hydrology, where processes are highly sensitive to bed elevations. The data are available for download at the Australian Antarctic Data Centre (doi:<a href="http://dx.doi.org/10.4225/15/57464ADE22F50"target="_blank">10.4225/15/57464ADE22F50</a>).
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