Video cascade accumulation of the total solar eclipse on Svalbard 2015

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Sigernes, Fred ; Ellingsen, Pål Gunnar ; Partamies, Noora ; Syrjäsuo, Mikko ; Brekke, Pål ; Eriksen Holmen, Silje ; Danielsen, Arne ; Olsen, Bernt ; Chen, Xiangcai ; Dyrland, Margit ; Baddeley, Lisa ; Lorentzen, Dag Arne ; Krogtoft, Marcus Aleksander ; Dragland, Torstein ; Mortensson, Hans ; Smistad, Lisbeth ; Heinselman, Craig J. ; Habbal, Shadia (2017)

This work presents a novel image accumulation filter technique that reveals small-scale features and details from intense luminosity or high dynamic range (HDR) video recordings. It was discovered and developed from the analyses of the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) film of the total solar eclipse that occurred Friday 20 March 2015 in Longyearbyen (78° N, 15° E) on Svalbard, Norway. The result of the filter is fused with a HDR image of the corona and the Solar Dynamic Observatory (SDO) image of the solar disk.
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