Reactive uptake coefficients for heterogeneous reaction of N2O5 with submicron aerosols of NaCl and natural sea salt

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Stewart, D. J. ; Griffiths, P. T. ; Cox, R. A. (2004)

The kinetics of uptake of gaseous N<sub>2</sub>O<sub>5</sub> on submicron aerosols containing NaCl and natural sea salt have been investigated in a flow reactor as a function of relative humidity (<i>RH</i>) in the range 30-80% at 295&plusmn;2K and a total pressure of 1bar. The measured uptake coefficients, &gamma;, were larger on the aerosols containing sea salt compared to those of pure NaCl, and in both cases increased with increasing <i>RH</i>. These observations are explained in terms of the variation in the size of the salt droplets, which leads to a limitation in the uptake rate into small particles. After correction for this effect the uptake coefficients are independent of relative humidity, and agree with those measured previously on larger droplets. A value of &gamma;=0.025 is recommended for the reactive uptake coefficient for N<sub>2</sub>O<sub>5</sub> on deliquesced sea salt droplets at 298K and <i>RH</i>>40%.
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