Modifications to Kozeny–Carman model to enhance petrophysical relationships

Other literature type English OPEN
Lala, Amir M. S. (2017)

The most commonly used relationship relates permeability to porosity, grain size, and tortuosity is Kozeny–Carman formalism. When it is used to estimate the permeability behavior versus porosity, the other two parameters (the grain size and tortuosity) are usually kept constant. Here, we investigate the deficiency of the Kozeny–Carman assumption and offer alternative derived equations for the Kozeny–Carman equation, including equations where the grain size is replaced with the pore size and with varying tortuosity. We also introduced relationships for the permeability of shaly sand reservoir that answer the approximately linear permeability decreases in the log-linear permeability-porosity relationships in datasets from different locations.
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