Evaluation of dynamic measurement uncertainty – an open-source software package to bridge theory and practice

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Eichstädt, Sascha ; Elster, Clemens ; Smith, Ian M. ; Esward, Trevor J. (2017)

The analysis of dynamic measurements provides numerous challenges that significantly limit the use of existing calibration facilities and mathematical methodologies. For instance, dynamic measurement analysis requires the application of methods from digital signal processing, system and control theory, and multivariate statistics. The design of digital filters and the corresponding evaluation of measurement uncertainty for high-dimensional measurands are particularly challenging. Several international research projects involving national metrology institutes (NMIs), academia and industry have developed mathematical, statistical and technical methodologies for the treatment of dynamic measurements at NMI level. The aim of the European research project 14SIP08 is the development of guidelines and software to extend the applicability of those methodologies to a wider range of users. This paper outlines the required activities towards a traceability chain for dynamic measurements from NMIs to industrial applications. A key aspect is the development and provision of a new open-source software package. The software is freely available, open for non-commercial distribution, and contains the most important data analysis tools for dynamic measurements.
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