Brief communication: On-site data collection of damage caused by flash floods: Experiences from Braunsbach, Germany, in May/June 2016

Other literature type English OPEN
Laudan, Jonas ; Rözer, Viktor ; Sieg, Tobias ; Vogel, Kristin ; Thieken, Annegret H. (2016)

Flash floods are caused by intense rainfall events and represent an insufficiently understood phenomenon in Germany. The understanding of damage caused by flash floods requires ex-post collection of relevant but yet sparsely available information for further research. Thus, on-site data collection was carried out after the flash flood event on 29 May 2016 in Braunsbach, Germany, using open source software as helpful and efficient tool for data acquisition and evaluation. The post-hoc analysis links process intensities to damage and reveals differences in damage driving factors of flash floods compared to riverine floods, indicating that also risk patterns vary among different flood types.
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