CO measurements from the ACE-FTS satellite instrument: data analysis and validation using ground-based, airborne and spaceborne observations

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Clerbaux , Cathy ; George , Maya ; Turquety , Solène ; Walker , K. A. ; Barret , B. ; Bernath , P. ; Boone , C. ; Borsdorff , T. ; Cammas , Jean-Pierre ; Catoire , Valéry ; Coffey , M. ; Coheur , Pierre-François ; Deeter , M. ; De Mazière , M. ; Drummond , J. ; Duchatelet , P. ; Dupuy , E. ; De Zafra , R. ; Eddounia , F. ; Edwards , D. P. ; Emmons , L. ; Funke , B. ; Gille , J. ; Griffith , D. W. T. ; Hannigan , J. ; Hase , F. ; Höpfner , M. ; Jones , N. ; Kagawa , A. ; Kasai , Y. ... view all 52 authors (2008)
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  • Subject: CHEMISTRY | : Sciences de la terre & géographie physique [Physique, chimie, mathématiques & sciences de la terre] | [ SDU.OCEAN ] Sciences of the Universe [physics]/Ocean, Atmosphere | carbon monoxide | FTIR SPECTROSCOPY | ACE-FTS | PROGRAM | TROPOSPHERE | NORTHERN | : Earth sciences & physical geography [Physical, chemical, mathematical & earth Sciences] | CARBON-MONOXIDE | AURA MISSION | MLS | RETRIEVAL | STATION | validation

International audience; The Atmospheric Chemistry Experiment (ACE) mission was launched in August 2003 to sound the atmosphere by solar occultation. Carbon monoxide (CO), a good tracer of pollution plumes and atmospheric dynamics, is one of the key species provided by the primary instrument, the ACE-Fourier Transform Spectrometer (ACE-FTS). This instrument performs measurements in both the CO 1-0 and 2-0 ro-vibrational bands, from which vertically resolved CO concentration profiles are retrieved, from the mid-troposphere to the thermosphere. This paper presents an updated description of the ACE-FTS version 2.2 CO data product, along with a comprehensive validation of these profiles using available observations (February 2004 to December 2006). We have compared the CO partial columns with ground-based measurements using Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and millimeter wave radiometry, and the volume mixing ratio profiles with airborne (both high-altitude balloon flight and airplane) observations. CO satellite observations provided by nadir-looking instruments (MOPITT and TES) as well as limb-viewing remote sensors (MIPAS, SMR and MLS) were also compared with the ACE-FTS CO products. We show that the ACE-FTS measurements provide CO profiles with small retrieval errors (better than 5% from the upper troposphere to 40 km, and better than 10% above). These observations agree well with the correlative measurements, considering the rather loose coincidence criteria in some cases. Based on the validation exercise we assess the following uncertainties to the ACE-FTS measurement data: better than 15% in the upper troposphere (8–12 km), than 30% in the lower stratosphere (12–30 km), and than 25% from 30 to 100 km.
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